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Demand Forecasting

The cutting edge demand forecasting model embodies algorithms racing on a weekly basis, to be the triumphant one that will compute the demand for a product in your store for that week. Every Product x Store x Week has a matching algortihm that performs the best, that will deliver you the most accurate forecast

Inventory Management

You need to maximize the shelf  availability, boost the operational efficiency  while reducing the out of stock, thus optimizing the inventory levels in your retail stores.


With DTLR Analytics Driven Inventory Management you will master demand-driven inventory management. The solution is structured on DTLR Demand Forecasting model which  embodies algorithms racing on a weekly basis, to be the triumphant one that will compute the demand for a product in your store for that week. Every Product x Store x Week has a matching algortihm that performs the best, that will deliver you the most accurate forecast.


The forecasts are built into suggested order quantities that are disclosed to your managers in the field, for feedback and inputs.


Data-driven demand forecasting and SOQ are self executing systems that will deliver you an accurate and efficient inventory management


The multi-objective solution DTLR Inventory Management helps organizations transform their data into actions for the thoughest supply chain challenges. We provide powerful analytics to our customers for maximizing their shelf availability, reducing their supply chain costs and minimizing the obsolete inventory. Equipped with these skills, an organization yields higher sales, improved bottom-line and a bettered customer experience.

  • 10-50% Reduction in  out of stock

  •   5-30% Reduction over stock

  • 20-60% Reduction in waste / outlet transfers

Retail Analytics


Obase built a business analytics platform specifically for the retail space – DTLR Retail Analytics - where data is transformed into reliable information and information is transformed into future predictions, providing foundation for both real-time tactical and long-term strategic decisions made by the retail managers.

Data extracted from the source systems are structured into DTLR Retail Analytics Data Model developed with the analytical retail experience gathered in 2 decades. In addition to the Performance Dashboards of the company, regions, stores, product groups and suppliers; the ready-to-use reports with retail KPIs and the rich object library allows users to make customized analyzes on their business and develop mobile reports in a very short time. DTLR Retail Analytics acts as the information backbone of the retailer, delivering the single version of truth on every dimension and hierarchy within the company. 

With DTLR Retail Analytics, retailers can transform the measures to actions; improving the service and sales processes, reducing the costs; with the ability to combine, analyze and publish data generated by the business processes. DTLR Retail Analytics enables the single true view within the company, sustaining a analytics-driven management culture.

The retailers will be equipped with the means of data-driven decision making, to make better informed decisions.

Analytical CRM

DTLR Analytical CRM is developed  for customer management in the retail industry with an omni-channel approach.

Customer behaviors are predicted with data mining practices.  Retail adaptations of models such as customer segmentation, basket and RFM analysis and segment transition scores are brought together to deliver a CRM system for the CRM management teams. With the data cleaning and deduplication functionalities, the customer information base is always kept in good quality and updated. The behaviors of the target and control groups and the success of the campaigns are evaluated with the Campaign Performance Analysis. 

You can increase your performance,  profits and  customer satisfaction by using your campaign budgets for the right customers at the right time. You need to capture and  interpret the tracks left by your customers in your retail process and estimate how your customers will make their move. You will  figure out how to react to them, mining the information  from a mass of data.

Workforce Optimization


DTLR Workforce Optimization provides analytics to manage and  optimize the workforce – a critical  efficiency determinant of the retail industry.   


DTLR Workforce Management is a data-driven solution, forecasting the number of full-time and part-time staff required to satisfy target customer service levels and get the work done. The algorithms consider all the related factors to generate its forecasts; sales, products, team, activities, assignments, workload rules, etc.  DTLR helps to plan the staff  of the retail organization on day, time and profile basis using the data integrated from the source systems.


Forecasts are analyzed through robust what-if reports and refined to meet your budgetary and planned event requirements.

Price Management


DTLR Price Management is a rule-based pricing solution that serves to boost the  price management KPIs, vital for  the retail industry.

Retailer's and the competitors' channel, zone & point based price history data  are imported from the source systems, to calculate and simulate the optimal price levels. The outcomes   are integrated into the ERP systems to be transformed into actions. Price managers monitor the workflow and give approvals along the process.


Practicing rule based price management is an  advantage in the retail industry, since it is crucial for business, to outlast the competitive and agile price changing environment.

DTLR Price Management allows you to increase your margin gains; appointing the right price to  the right product-location combination, assessing your position against competitors and taking actions, aligned with your pricing policies.