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Inventory Management

You need to maximize the shelf availability, boost the operational efficiency while reducing the out of stock, thus to optimize the inventory levels in your retail stores.


With DTLR Analytics Driven Inventory Management you will master demand-driven inventory management. The solution is structured on DTLR Demand Forecasting model which embodies machine learning algorithms, racing on a weekly basis, to be the triumphant one that will compute the demand for a product in your store. Every Product x Store x Week has a champion algorithm, that will calculate the most accurate forecast.


The forecasts are built into suggested order quantities and disclosed to your store managers in the field, for feedback and inputs.


Data-driven demand forecasting and SOQ are self-executing systems that deliver you an accurate and efficient inventory management.


Our multi-objective solution, DTLR Inventory Management, helps organizations transform their data into actions for the toughest supply chain challenges. We provide powerful analytics to our customers to maximize their shelf availability, reduce their supply chain costs and minimize the obsolete inventory. Equipped with these skills, an organization yields higher sales, improved bottom-line and a bettered customer experience.

  • 10-50% Reduction in  Out of Stock

  •   5-30% Reduction Overstock

  • 20-60% Reduction in Waste / Outlet Transfers