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Retail Analytics


Obase built a business analytics platform specifically for the retail space – DTLR Retail Analytics - where data is transformed into reliable information and information is transformed into future predictions, providing a foundation for both real-time tactical and long-term strategic decisions made by the retail managers.

Data extracted from the source systems are structured into DTLR Retail Analytics Data Model developed with the analytical retail experience gathered in 2 decades. In addition to the Performance Dashboards of the company, regions, stores, product groups and suppliers; the ready-to-use reports with retail KPIs and the rich object library allows users to make customized analysis and develop mobile reports in a very short time. DTLR Retail Analytics acts as the information backbone of the retailer, delivering the single version of truth on every dimension and hierarchy within the company. 

With DTLR Retail Analytics, retailers can transform the measures to actions; improving the service and sales processes, reducing the costs; with the ability to combine, analyze and publish data generated by the business processes. DTLR Retail Analytics enables the single true view within the company, sustaining an analytics-driven management culture.

The retailers will be equipped with the means of data-driven decision making, to make better-informed decisions.