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Even large companies; employers of impressive staff, holders of remarkable technologies can struggle to live in the same, single version of the truth. It is admirable to see 100s of users in the enterprise, skilled to create their own reports but a shift in language and a blurred vision is highly inevitable.


A C-level exposed to diverse figures, losing faith and time - despite the BI investments - is in urge of a harmonious coexistence of data.


Corpwatch is developed to rule out these inefficiencies;  a sophisticated - yet simple to use – high performance instrument,  built specifically for the Telecommunication Industry, using Microstrategy Enterprise Analytics. DTLR designed this C-level dashboard to deliver the Telco senior management KPIs on Subscriptions, Finance, Sales, Services, CEM and Network.


The executives accessing the system 24/7, using mobile and web are proudly managing their enterprise, data-driven. Never lost in translation, all the functions of the organization are in tune and eager to act upon the actionable insights delivered.