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About Us

Based in Washington DC and Istanbul, OBASE has made MicroStrategy implementations and built long term business relations more than 60 companies from different industries. OBASE has one of the largest team having dedicated specialists on MicroStrategy having the partnership with over 20+ years. 

OBASE provides Pre-Packaged analytical solutions for Retail, Telco and Airlines. Partnering with leading technology providers, develops value-added, repeatable, industry-specific analytical solutions, especially in the Retail, Telecommunications and Airline industries and contributes to accurate decision making, based on data and forecasts.

OBASE enables its clients to transform the data – both structured and unstructured – to actionable insight, with Data Discovery, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Data Visualization technologies.

We nurture analytics-driven management approach in organizations, creating business solutions with analytics.


We employ mathematical models to enable organizations get the most out of their resources with the least cost, deliver actionable insights via top-notch visualizations and help professionals transform the data into clear-cut actions.